*open-palm, sweeping hand gesture*

Well, well, well...I see you have stumbled upon my ePortfolio. What exactly is an eportfolio, you ask? Well, on the surface, it is a flashy way for us millennials to showcase our work. For this one in particular, works of writing. But as the woman behind the curtain, I have to communicate to you that an ePortfolio is more than a glorified, electronic manila folder of documents, it is a manfiestation of a writer's personality; it conveys the writer beyond his or her words. So with that understanding, I send you forward into my ePortfolio. Buon viaggio!

airplane window view.jpg
peace sign color splash.jpg
broolyn bridge.jpg
aud's lakehouse 3.jpg
harbor martha's vineyard.jpg
airplane window.jpg
nichols arboretum.jpg
snowy tree.jpg
railroad tracks.jpg
Raindrops car window.jpg